Topic: Learning Diary and a reflective statement coursework assignment

Description Task 1 (400 words)
Prepare a Learning Diary by weeks on your career
development activities. You should reflect upon your learning experiences from university and/or at the workplace. Bear in mind these personal aspects:
Temperament, Personality Insight, Workplace Culture, Motivation at Work, Personal Resilience

The Learning Diary must account for 6-8 different aspects of development from the module concepts (attached) ; for example, motivation, leadership and delegation, problem solving, stress management. What you’ve experienced, learnt ( what went well or didn’t go well), changed, wanted to change (what to do differently in the future).

Task 2 (1800 words) – use references here
Produce a reflective statement which provides a critical reflection of your learning
diary. Within your statement include reflection on:
• The initial inventories taken and how these differ from earlier personal
development planning activities within the workplace, or during your course at university.
• The theoretical aspects of managing self as outlined within the module, for
example stress management, time-management, positive thinking, decision
• The management of others as outlined within the module, for example
delegation, motivation, assertiveness and team building, performance
• Application of theory to practice through the analysis of your weekly diaries.

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