Topic: management process Tesla, Airbnb, Coca-Cola

You have been appointed to act as a management consultant to one of the three organisations listed below:
• Tesla
• Airbnb
• Coca-Cola
The CEO is concerned that there are problems with the management processes in the organisation and you have been asked to research the issues further.
Your tasks are as follows:
1. Research the company online and in the media to gain an understanding of the current context of the organisation and management issues.
2. Answer two questions: 1) what are the challenges for being a contemporary manager? 2) What do you think might be a management problem for the organisation?
3. Use your knowledge of the functions of management from Topic 1 to identify ONE broad management problem.
4. Find two (2) online articles and three (3) current academic (peer-reviewed) articles relating to the management problem/issue you have identified. The online articles must be from official and/or reliable sources (information from social media, e.g. Facebook is not acceptable). The academic articles should relate to the problem/issue and NOT the organisation you are investigating. Your research should focus on relevant management publications.
5. Write two paragraphs of approximately 400 words in total . After the paragraph, you will provide the CEO with a reference list of the web pages and articles you will use in your research to develop the report in Assignment 3: Analysis of Management Issue. Your reference list will be presented in APA referencing style.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: business

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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