Topic: My Job experience and what I am learning from it.

Topic: My Job experience and what I am learning from it.

Description Write a reflective essay on my experience on my first job, what I am learning from it and my plans for future development (what I would like to do in the future).
For the structure of the essay you MUST use Gibbs reflective cycle. It consists of
1. Description of the job (What happened? What was I feeling, thinking? What else could I have done?)
2. Description (My responsibilities? Was I responsible for staff? Money?)
3. Feelings (What did I think about the experience?)
4 Evaluation (You can make up situations in which a customer complains and mention how I have dealt with it. Mention what lead to it. How did I react and how did my colleges react to it?)
5. Analysis (Make sense of the situation, consider what might have helped or hindered the situation.
6. Conclusion ( What my experience has been so far, what do i think of the job, what skills have I learned from it.)
7 Action Plan Here mention what I would do if these situations occurred again. Talk about how could I develop myself further. Talk about what i want to do in the future.

Look up Gibbs reflective cycle

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