Topic: Patient centered care Radiologist

This paper should apply any of the 6 items described on the instructions, it should provide example as to as to what type of patients that could benefit the most.
Also the topic is Patient centered care:
Radiologist are not X-ray specialists only they are trained to do so much more MRI, Ultrasound CT scan etc.
Description”Medical Home” model. Some of the major areas are:

1-Respect for patients’ values, preferences, and expressed needs
2-Coordination and integration of care
3-Information, communication, and education
4-Physical comfort
5-Emotional support
6-Involvement of family and friends

There are many types of health care professionals who can be part of a team that can deliver patient-centered care. After reading chapters 9 & 10 and locating at least one article on this topic, discuss the various types of health care professionals, and how they can work together to provide patient-centered care.

Be sure to address all 6 of the dimensions listed above and how they impact the delivery of this type of care and why it is important. Provide examples of some of the types of patients who can most benefit the most and why.

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