Topic: Perpetua’s Journey


This is an essay based on this book, Perpetua’s journey: faith, gender, and power in the Roman Empire by Jennifer A. Rea & Liz Clarke.
This book will look like comics book basically it’s about a women who dedicated her life for Christianity in Roman Empire. You have to write this essay by answering some question from this book. I am including half of the books and all questions so that you can start working on it. You don’t have to look for outside web sources but in case if you need to use any outside resource you must have to cite them, otherwise it will be counted as plagiarism. I am including all the questions but you only have to pick one, you don’t have to include all questions in the essay.

Here’s the essay instructions and questions in details.
Using the graphic history, Perpetua’s Prison Diary (the primary source) and the historical and social context background section, choose ONE of the following questions to answer in a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper. You do not need to include any outside sources, but you DO need to cite where you obtained your information, and your essay should follow all of the rules of formal essay writing, including having an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion, as well as a properly formatted separate Works Cited page. Note that there are addition potential essay questions on pages 195-6, and you can choose one of those instead of these suggested ones.

1) What roles do Christianity, the Roman Empire, family, individual, and community play in shaping Perpetua’s identity? What role does gender play in her story?

a. Hint: this question is about the multiple layers of social identity – think about the various aspects of your identity and then consider the various aspects of Perpetua’s.

2) How did Christians and non-Christians relate to one another in Roman Africa? How did her father, who was not a Christian, react to Perpetua’s decision to die as a Christian martyr?

3) What was life like for slaves at this time? When the narrative suddenly shifts to Felicity, what role does she, as a pregnant women who gives birth right before she goes to her death, play in this narrative?

4) What role do violence and intolerance play in Perpetua’s story?

5) How does seeing graphic representation of resistance to social norms differ from reading about it?

a. Hint: This question asks you to compare your experience of the graphic novel and Perpetua’s Prison Diary. Even though it is about your experience, you should give specific examples and discuss how your reactions to them differed.
***Remember This is my final research paper so you must maintain the quality of the paper and do it perfectly cause I wouldn’t be able to re-submit it again it’s only one time submission.

***Special Instruction you must do the essay full 3 pages excluding cover page and citation and reference page. I will add cover page by myself.
***Make all your points straight and clear follow the question and meet its demand, must use the book as your resource I gave you.
***MLA style citation
***Again just select 1 set of the question not more than that.
***Rest of the book I will upload Tomorrow.
***Final and last thing If you don’t get the book from this website I am giving you my google drive link so that you can access it.

Best of luck start writing as soon as you can

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