Topic: Poetry Test on “Stars” by Sara Teasdale.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?
The poem “Stars” by Sara has a ballad stanza rhyme, taking into consideration that she splits the text contained in the poetry to four lines. The breakdown of the words into four distinct lines makes it possible for Sara to develop and place different elements within the poem, separately or together, to bring forth different meanings.

What kinds of rhymes are used?
In the poem, Sara utilizes the ABCB rhyme format. It enables her to use lines that do not rhyme with each other in the first and third lines, while those in the second and fourth lines establish a rhyme, which connects the two parts of the poem. For instance, the first line of the poem is “Alone in the night/On a dark hill,” and the fourth line is, “With pines around me/Spicy and still.”
Does the author use similes and metaphors?
The poet uses metaphors and similes in the poem to encourage the audience to use its imagination and interpret the poem as if it is the persona. For instance, the phrase, “spicy and still” is used to draw the attention of the reader to the suddenness and attractiveness of the darkness on the hill surrounded by pines.
What tone does the poet create?
The tone in the poem is remoraseful, taking into consideration that Sara is trying to wish away time as she gazes at the starts the give her com fort, and prompt her to express her feelings.
What meaning is the poet trying to convey?What does she wish us to appreciate? In the poem, Sara intends to communicate her unhappiness with her current life and the need for fulfillment. The phrases, “alone in the night, spicy and still” express her yearning for escape.

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