Topic: Prevention of obesity in children from birth to 18 years old on harrow council

Following the formative assessment feedback, you should write up your chosen health intervention using ideas, theories and models suggested in the lectures and seminars and from your wider reading. The details of your intervention should be structured according to the case study template attached above (a copy of the template can also be found in Appendix 1 of the module handbook). Details of the information expected in each section are provided in the template. Additional sections may be added to the template if necessary but can only be placed as sub-headings within the main sections. You should include ideally 15-25 (minimum of 15) references to relevant statistical data and evidence from the literature. Referencing should follow the Harvard style. Any tables, graphs and other illustrations or material you include should be properly titled and labelled and placed in appropriate sections of the template. Any information included as an appendix or other attachment will not be marked. Word count: 3000-4000 words (including tables, graphs, and references) this module is a master level the module name is Policy and Public Health Strategy. basically you need an intervention as a public health practitioner. Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for each council, in this case, is the harrow council in the United Kingdom. Week 2: Defining a public health issue and the public health (or population) approach Defining a public health issue: On what grounds do we consider problems like smoking, obesity, HIV, social isolation, air pollution, etc as public health issues? Your task is to come up with a set of criteria that determine what makes an issue a public health issue. You will need to search for and read articles on the issue. A useful starting point is the article in this link The public health (or population) approach: What constitutes a public health (or population) approach? A useful place to start identifying the elements is from the definition of Public Health. in this case is the prevention of obesity from birth to 18 years old. basically you need to follow the attachment of the case study template if you follow that structure. tips on how to write your intervention attachment please read. basically focus on the case study as structure please follow every detail when you write. be a focus on concise fro the start to the end. follow the case study and see the formative examples but you need to write 4000 words as this is a summative work. but the formative examples are examples of interventions that have been done. please, this is a master level. the references can be more than 22 but good resources. you can include graphs .follow the case case study structure when you write and be extremely understandable. you need to do an intervention as a public health practitioner.

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