Topic: Principle of Music Industry

Please answer the question set forth in the hypothetical belong, OR, a question that you have composed that deals with a subject of particular interest to you as covered in the second half of this term concerning the music industry itself (including ethical matters). Your answer should be typed, double spaced and should not exceed three full pages. Please include source references for important factual information and any quotes you use (the more such references the better, within reason). Here is the hypothetical: 1. A new, progressive punk-rap band called Telephone Bill and the Operators arrives in New York from Sheboygan, and its five members (five guys all over the age of 21, two of whom are the band’s primary songwriters) decide they need a manager to help them reach what they believe is the next level: a recording deal with a major label. A relatively inexperienced but hard-working young, female manager named Beatrix “Swifty” Potter sees them open for her only client, Xottontail. Xottontail are an all-female jazz quartet specializing in rock waltzes with intricate vocal harmonies, and hope to continue touring on average of nine months per year in support of their indie label deal that Swifty helped them secure with a niche rock waltz company that believes the genre is bound to be the next big thing. Swifty sometimes goes out on the road with the band. Swifty loves what she sees and hears from the well-rehearsed Operators, and immediately decides she wants to manage them, too. In fact, she is willing to advance the band $20,000 for living expenses if they will sign a management deal, a record production deal, a music publishing deal, and a merchandising arrangement with her. The band is very low on funds, and its members believe they cannot afford an attorney and may soon be forced to return to Wisconsin. They know you as one of their biggest fans (and the only one with music industry experience), and ask your advice as to what they need to know, and to watch out for, in moving forward or not with Swifty. After urging them to retain an attorney, can you please help them to make a list all of the facts and issues they need to consider as a band and as individuals, and the practical problems that need to be addressed, in deciding whether this is a good opportunity? Your list should include (***at least fifteen items) for consideration, including information they need but may not already have.

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