Topic: proposal paper important in digital supply chain in healthcare in saudi arabia context

an exploratory study
of a digital supply chain in helthcare\ hospitals\paramtical from the perspective
of healthcare professionals and suppliers in Saudi Arabia) you can modify it.
Some sub-questions I suggest a. What is the level of adoption and utilisation of the digital supply chain in Saudi hospitals?
b. What is the level of digital supply chain literacy and experience of the healthcare professionals and suppliers?
c. What are the challenges affecting the adoption and utilisation of digital supply chain?
d. How can a developing strategy for Saudi country to adopt and develop digital supply chain hospitals? In regard, Methos I want to write a mixed method in qual semi interview and focus group in quan itis survey. Data analyses maybe you can write qual I will use NVIVO thematic analyses in Quan Structure equation model SEM or SPSS.ofcourse add whatever you want at least itis logic clear and deep.
Please follow the criteria below.
Thank you very much I will provide you with some essential useful articles for using, please.for your clarification this proposal will divided in two parts let me explain majorbig questions and sub-questions is minor you will notice that in the criteria in the last table mentions that Did the essay give a sense of the relationship between the minor thesis and the
larger master project research? so please try to make it visable to apply it.

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