Topic: Scarcity of nurses in the United Kingdom

Scarcity is a basic economic problem, and it exists because there are limited resources to meet unlimited wants and needs. Using any appropriate economic framework and drawing on relevant data sources and studies, critically appraise the evidence that resources are scarce in the health care sector in the UK. Instructions Your critical appraisal should not exceed 2000 words (excluding illustrations and references).
Answers that demonstrate the following features will attract higher marks: • Well-structured in terms of organisation, development and sequence • Concise and clearly presented arguments • Correct usage and accurate descriptions of economic concepts • Properly titled and labelled graphs and tables • Use of the most current available data to support arguments • References for any cited sources according to the Harvard style • Good grammar, sentence structure and attention to detail All pages should be numbered and stapled together with your student number clearly indicated at the top of each page. please do 20 references minimum or more no problem.
Harvard style. maybe you need to put graphs. do not forget is a health economics this is a master level please do not copy and paste. this subject is health economics. is a public health master. at least 20 references if possible fro books, good websites please. do not forget is about health economics the module. and the master I study is public health. is a master level. can be much more than 20 references. more the best but good ones.

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Subject: nursing

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