Topic: Self-Evaluation assignment, how to Writing a self-evaluative essay example

Writing a self-evaluative essay.
You have been encouraged to live “an examined life.” It is in this spirit that I am asking you to use this last assignment as a way to evaluate yourself not just academically, but philosophically.
Topics studied: Wisdom, mythology, consciousness, greek philosophy, Aristotle, the allegory of the cave, Socrates, enlightenment, romanticism, Rousseau, Locke, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, future of technology, Kierkegaard, existentialism, Emerson, Ken Wilber, and Randy Pausch.
You do not need to use these prompts, but they may help you think about your semester:
On a scale of 1—10, how deeply did you engage yourself?
Can you give an example or two of how you demonstrated that you are a serious student?
Did you study everything required or did you rush and skim?
Did you find yourself thinking about class content when you did not have to, such as finding yourself discussing course content with friends or family?
Did you seek clarification about class material that confused you?
Have your studies of “the True, the Good, and the Beautiful” contributed to how you understand the world and your place in it?
Has your academic experience enriched your life?

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