Topic: Setting the Virgin on Fire


Double spaced, spell checked and Chicago Footnote Style paper 5 pages long and must include a bibliography and footnotes. It must include page numbers.
Here are the concrete instructions. Please read Marjorie Becker, Setting the Virgin on Fire: Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán Peasants and The Redemption of the Mexican Revolution. I am for fortunate enough to have been told that this book changed my field and altered the way people understood Mexico’s most important 20th century president Lazaro Cardenas. That is because I conducted extensive, dangerous, grass roots research for years in Mexico City and throughout the crucial western Mexican state of Michoacán. The book, a cultural history, reveals the grassroots movement I discovered in response to Cardenas and his followers attempt to alter rural culture. Those attempts included the development of a massive land reform, the establishment of rural teachers and agrarian agents who established governmental schools, a land reform, a new politics, a new health program, a new way to consider institutions (church, state) an effort to re-invent “the Indian” and to affect gender. It was Michoacán peasants responses to that 1934-1940 program that amounted to a movement, as peasants boycotted schools, sneaked in illegal priests, accepted the land reform yet altered it, denounced shady politicians, and crucially, developed revolutionary women’s leagues prompting a group of remarkable women to seize a village church and transform it by dancing. After you read the book, I want you to write a 5 page paper assessing the way this rural dance changed Mexican gender relations, its revolutionary, its history.

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