Topic: Sexism & Democracy paper


This is a Humanities Class – Radical Political Thought
1. In this assignment, you will be asked to find at least 8 sources related to your chosen topic. 4 of these 8 sources MUST BE academic peer-reviewed sources, unless otherwise discussed with the instructor.
2. Must have a thesis statement and supporting arguments.
You can respond to readings from the philosphers we have done in class – Kant, Luxemberg, Fanon, Horkheimer & Adorno, Le Guin, Marx, Anarchism
Feel free to change the topic of the paper. There must be a thesis statement with supporting arguments and an Annotated Bibliography.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: english

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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