Topic: Social problems News Media Content Analysis

1. Research Method
My first task was to pick a social problem that interests me. For this example I chose child sexual abuse (CSA) and have
stated my two research questions like this:
Research Question 1: What are the trends in news media coverage of child sexual abuse over time?
Research Question 2: Why does news media coverage of child sexual abuse vary
over time?
With a social problem to focus on I am ready to begin searching the Nexis Uni News databased for news media
coverage of CSA. I begin this process by finding a suitable subject search term for CSA and then decided on
the “publications” (news media outlets) that I want to include in my study. Below I describe how I searched for
“hits” in Nexis Uni and the results I got.
The Nexis Uni News search term for my chosen social problem = hlead(“child sexual abuse”)