Topic: social work functions and roles of the family


The concept of family has changed from generation to generation, as have the functions and roles of the family and its various members. These changes are a result of a variety of different factors and may be considered to have influenced the family positively in some ways and less so in others. In this paper compare the family dynamic from your grand parents to todays modern age in order to compare.

I have a very large family. My both grand mothers from both my mother side and father side had a lot of kids. My grand mother from my mothers side had 12 kids and my grand mother from my dads side had 9 kids. I am from south Asia back in the days people from that part of the world would have a lot of kids. My parents had 7 kids and I have 3 kids. Growing up I was told I should have more kids too however in todays day and age living in Canada having more kids are impossible. I am muslim and my religion also promotes family to stay together every live together. My parents were living with my grant parents even after they got married. However in Canada I have a different story. I cannot afford to live with my inlaw I cannot afford to have more kids. We both are working we cannot give more time to more kids.


Choose 4 areas outlined below and describe the ways in which your family has changed over time or remains much the same. To do this you need to compare your family of the previous two generations (as far as you are able to), i.e. your mother’s family or origin (your grandparents) and her parents’ families of origin (your great grandparents) with your current nuclear family, and the same on your father’s side. If you did not grow up with your biological family please use the family, you grew up with for comparison purposes. If you have no access to the information on one side of your family, please indicate this at the start of your assignment.

Compare these changes (or lack thereof) to patterns and trends you have learned about when studying changes in family structure and dynamics over time.

Suggest which sociological and historical factors (as studied in week 2 and 3 of class) you consider most influential in affecting any changes you identify, or if you have not noticed a change, discuss those factors which have contributed to the family maintaining similar patterns and practices.

Discuss the ways in which you believe that the changes or lack of changes have and a positive or negative effect on your family.

Your paper should make reference to at least two academic sources that supports your deductions about the trends and the reason for changes related to family patterns and functioning over time. You must cite these references appropriately.

Your essay should be between 1350 – 1700 words in lengths, typed in Arial 12-pint font and double- spaced.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Assignment tracks patterns in four (4) different areas of family life,

Assignment appropriately explains linked between patterns observed and sociological and

historical factors, whether or not they have been shown to change;

Assignment effectively relates to findings to demographic trends studied in class;

Assignment makes use of appropriate academic references to support its observations and

conclusions and uses correct citations; and,
• Assignment is organized and is generally free from spelling and grammar errors.

Introduction, Content and Discussion

Depth of Reflection of Family Life

Content Analysis

Identify and Evaluates Conclusion, Implications and or Consequences


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