Topic: Sportswear as day wear

● Students are required to analyze the relationship established between a trend and the economic, cultural and technological context of a decade of the 20th or 21st century of your choice.
● The analysis should define the trend, explain its emergence and development, position it within the wider context of the fashion world and outline its impact on the fashion industry. Students should select the trend and communicate it by week 3 to the Programme Leader, who will visit the classes.
Group presentation: in groups, students are required to produce a visual research presentation on a trend of the 20th or 21st century, supporting it with 3 mood boards and a powerpoint presentation.

The structure of the powerpoint will be given and discussed in class by week 3, from the tutor of Fundamentals of Fashion Business. (15 min group presentation)
● The group presentation should include analysis, description and contextualisation of the trend with an extensive creative research, to support the interpretation of a megatrend.
● Groups will be created from by week 3 of the term, from the Programme Leader Sennait Ghebreab and Hrvoje

Please, see the list below to choose from:

MEGA trends: Minimalism, Deconstruction, Animal Prints, Jeans, Transparency, Pleating, Artistic Movements, Military, Materials (such as plastic, tulle), Gender Neutral, Sportswear, Trench, 20th century Street Styles (Hippy, Hip Pop, Punk)

Micro trends: Sustainability, Gothic Minimalism, Sportswear as day wear, as evening wear, Punk, Tie Dye, Fringes, Power Dress, Body Con, Prints & Patterns together, Mixed Styles, Metallics, Preppy, Modest Fashion, Jungle, Gypsy, Nomad, Cartoons, Aged, Vintage, Bikers, Camouflage, Americana, Urban, Space Age.

By week 4 – creation of the groups ( Hrvoje and Sennait)
By week 4 – selection of the TREND ( Hrvoje/Suzanne)
By week 5 – selection of the MEGATREND ( Hrvoje/Suzanne)
By week 5 – primary and secondary research for the REPORT (Hrvoje, Suzanne, Trishna, support and guidance, for researching valuable Secondary research at the Library for the report)
By week 7 – group presentations MOCK ( Hvjoye)
By week 8 – revision of the theory in class in preparation for the EXAM and final check
of the REPORT

Weight: 60%

Special industry project for the subject Digital Geek with Tank Magazine

You have recently been appointed as junior fashion editor and as one of the first
task, with your team, you have been asked to prepare a research on a new theme for
the mood board of the next cover of Tank Magazine for Winter issue, in February
By week 5, students will be preparing:
– a proposal of three moodboards for the cover theme
– each moodboard will have a slide in PPT with key words, in order to support
your theme of research
Tank is an independent UK-based magazine launched in 1998.
It is a quarterly publication, printed in the UK, that covers contemporary culture,
fashion, art, architecture, technology and politics. The magazine is considered one of the pioneering publications in boutique magazine publishing, balancing fewer
advertisements with a high cover price. Since its launch, the Tank group has
expanded to include Tank Form,, TankBooks and Because magazine.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: english

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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