Topic: The effects of globalization on education in Qatar

1) relationship between globalization & education (covered) but you need to add the definition of globalization from a relevant source.
2) main effects of globalization on education – elaborate further: you have to have specific main ideas of the effects of globalization on education, or the outcomes of it, like:
– Economic.
– Quality of learning which yields the production of a certain type of individual / employee.
– Women joining the workforce.
– Technological advancement brought to Qatar’s educational system by globalization.
3) The counter argument: Needs elaboration- How and why it is weak, link it to your argument
4) Introduction needs to have a clear structure stating the main points of how globalization effected education in qatar, and the intention of this paper, will it argue in favor of or against. the introduction should be an outline as to what the essay will say.
5) each paragraph in the body should state at the beginning the argument as to why globalization had a good impact and evidence from the theory / text cited. which was sufficiently done, just missing the statements at the beginning. the structure of the body was hazy / unclear.
6) keep it about education, dont branch out too much, too much ballooning.
7) Definition of globalization needs to be clear, and relevant.
8) at least one theory needs to be incorporated. example: nationalism vs individualism.
9) everything included in the ppt should be referenced in the ppt.
10) use appealing visuals.
*important note* I would appreciate if I get a quick fix now with the main ideas and the main sources of the essay since most of the literature is useful. Please make sure to fix the definition of globalization, and the main structure: the main ideas on how globalization impacted qatar education positively. the conclusion should align with that, please make sure it is enough material to cover 12 to 15 minutes. please make sure the speaker notes are comprehensive.

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