Topic: The Progressive Movement and the Age of Imperialism

Description Read the Upton Sinclair Hits His Readers in the Stomach ( web page (contains Chapter Nine of Sinclair’s The Jungle).

Consider the areas of American society and economy in need of reform during the first two decades of the 20th century. Think about the domestic issues on which the Progressive Movement focused. Evaluate their approach to these issues. Write an initial post which addresses the following prompts:

Analyze the areas that were in need of reform in American Society during the period between 1890 and 1920. Choose one specific issue to focus Some examples of issues you can focus on are
the rights of your chosen group,
food safety,
worker’s rights and safety,
child labor,
the spread of diseases (typhoid, polio the flu, etc.), or
Describe how progressives tried to resolve this issue. Were they successful? Explain why or why
In what ways do we see the impact of this issue, and progressive attempts to resolve it, in our own present day?

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Subject: political science

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