Topic: the social determinant of alzhemir disease

1. Select a health issue that you are interested in. The disease/health issue you select cannot be
any of malaria, stress, obesity, vaccinations or the topic you wrote about for MDSC 203, as
these topics have been extensively covered in your course work. You are otherwise not
limited in what you may choose for your topic; for example, the health issue you choose
may be a medically defined disease (physical or mental health problem), or a public health
issue (homelessness, addiction, injury).
2. Identify THREE social determinants that impact your chosen health issue. You cannot
choose income, education and occupation as a trio – you can choose any one or two of these,
if you wish. OR choose three different social determinants.
3. Write a paper that describes your health issue (What is your health issue? Who is affected?
where?), the THREE social determinants that you have chosen to highlight, and discuss the
i. How each of the social determinants that you have selected has an important influence
(direct or indirect) on your health issue.
ii. How the three chosen social determinants interact with each other to influence your
health issue.
iii. Propose a relevant and plausible health promotion strategy (integration of
evidence-based interventions) that addresses these social determinants
Because many of health or public health issues are complex, most of the time there is no right
or wrong answer for addressing them. They are often controversial, and recommendation(s)
and decisions are sometimes based on imperfect information. Therefore, the most important
aspect of this assignment is the feasibility of the health promotion strategy, logic and the
quality of the argument. You will also be evaluated on writing quality.
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Format Requirements:
 Maximum 1500 words, double spaced (not including the title page and references); all
typewritten. Papers that exceed this length will lose marks.
 Title page should include a title for your paper, the course name, date, student ID number –
Please DO NOT include your name (marking is blind)
 Each page of your paper should include a page number and your student ID (no names,
 References should be in a consistent format. Standard referencing formats, APA or
Vancouver, are acceptable provided that the full title of all sources is included in the
reference list at the end of your paper. References may be single-spaced.
Submission instructions
 Submit WORD documents only
 Submit through D2L Dropbox by Thursday, November 21, 2019 by 12:00pm (NOON).
Late submissions will not be accepted.
 Name your WORD documents with your UCID only (eg. 19099877.doc)
Using the literature
Using any source without clearly documenting is a serious academic offence. You must
reference not only direct quotations, but also paraphrases and ideas where they appear in your
text. A reference list at the end of your paper is insufficient in itself.
The evaluation of your paper will consider how well you have worked to present ideas from the
literature in a personal and coherent way that supports your paper. A “cut and paste” paper in
which the student has simply lifted ideas from many sources without further personal thought is
easy to identify and will most likely fail, even if the references are cited properly. Note, however,
that entirely original ideas are rare and it is perfectly acceptable to present other people’s ideas.
We need to see the sources of these ideas as it sometimes helps us evaluate their relevance and
credibility. What is most important for the evaluation of your paper is how you have worked
with these ideas, how you presented them, and how they have helped to shape your own ideas.
Marking rubric
 Clear and accurate description of the health issue of interest (Who, what where?; includes
relevant references/sources of information) – 15%
 How each of the THREE social determinants selected has an important influence on the
health issue (directly or indirectly). How the three social determinants interact with each
other to influence your health issue. (Includes relevant references to support claims) -40%
 Relevant and plausible health promotion and/or disease prevention strategy that addresses the
social determinants. IF several interventions are proposed as part of a broader strategy,
clearly discusses how these work towards a common goal. IF one broad intervention is
proposed, provides enough detail regarding how it addresses all three social determinants.
(Includes relevant references)– 35%
 Communication & Presentation: Thoughtful ideas; organized, clear and concise writing,
ideas should flow from one to the other in a logical manner, appropriate paraphrasing;
follows formatting requirements. – 10%
Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Research Paper

Subject: Social Studies

Pages / words: 6 / 1500

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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