Topic: Water Scarcity from Agricultural Practices in the United States

This paper will be graded in terms of both content and style. Make sure you proofread it carefully in order to eliminate grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Feel free to use any style guide or formatting system with which you are comfortable. The key is to use it consistently throughout the paper.

Make sure all material from external sources is properly cited and full attribution is given. Read the Course Information section on plagiarism to ensure you understand its meaning and how to avoid it. Be aware that your paper will be submitted to for “originality testing.”

Submit a paper of ten (8) or more pages (typed and double-spaced) that demonstrates your ability to analyze a question or issue of interest within the broad topical area of economics and sustainability. In this paper, you are expected to clearly explain the implications of what you have found and learned.

Your paper should directly cover the specifics outlined in your earlier submissions (thesis statement, general overview, methodology/approach, outline, and sources of information).

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Environmental issues

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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