Topic: What preferences and which factors influencing preferences to choose 2D or/and 3D animation in movies?

What preferences and which factors influencing preferences to choose 2D or/and 3D animation in movies?

1. Introduction
2. Products of animation
3. Elements and factors that impact the choice
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion
6. Appendices
7. References and bibliography

● Introduction

Start of 2D and start 3D history and main developers/companies with breakthrough techniques. System developers.

2D and 3D are used in many areas (listing: ) I will not be focusing on said areas. I will only be writing about 2D and 3D animations in movies (as well as animated movies?).

Why I am writing about this topic.

My conclusion about why and when to choose 2D or 3D over the other.

My conclusion about whether to choose 2D or 3D when making animations in movies are for aesthetic purposes as well as for production purposes.
In some cases, 2D imagery is a lot cheaper to produce than 3D but with the technology of computers advancing at their speed today, 3D is both cheaper and has the possibility to create 2D as well.

● Products of animation

Explaining the definition of 2D and 3D animation with examples and techniques.
2D examples
2.5D examples
3D examples
The animation used in Live-Action

(Write comments on the videoes/movies that uses the techniques described above.
The first year of date is the first release of the product(movie) and the 2nd year of date is a newer version made in 3d)

❖ Sonic 1991 – 2020
❖ The adventures of TinTin 1991 Tv Series – 2011 Film
❖ Who framed roger the rabbit 1988 x
➢ [ ]
❖ Space jam 1996 x
❖ Dumbo 1941 – 2019 x
❖ Detective Pikachu 1996 – 2019 Film/Live-Action
❖ Mary Poppins, still staying with the old school 2d style x
❖ Winnie the pooh – Christopher Robin 2018
❖ Beauty and the Beast 1992 – 2017 Hyper-realism
Character in animations that was transformed into 3d later on.. Sonic..Winnie the pooh.. Uncanny valley.. Commitment to the anthropomorphism, They keep trying to make characters look human and fighting against the uncanny valley.
➔ Anthropomorphism
◆ Winnie the pooh
◆ Sonic
◆ Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto – Disney
◆ the clock (Cogsworth) Beauty and the beast.
◆ candlestick (Lumier) Beauty and the beast.
◆ the teapot (Mrs. Pots) Beauty and the beast.

● Elements and Factors that impact the choice
Keep rebooting, running out of ideas? Why are they rebooting old movies, why is this a trend and how does this affect Animation.

Costing a lot more, starting to cost a lot less

Realism – The uncanny valley
Technology – Software
Motion capture/Performance capture
Animating over captured image/film

● Analysis

Analysing the elements and factors in 2D products… And 3D products…
And Explaining the pros and cons and why.

Including examples that were made in 2D and later on transformed/reproduced/(re)developed into 3D.

● Conclusion

● Appendices

● References and bibliography

Books for me to read
Paul Wells – anthropomorphis.
The animation biestery.
Essay about roger rabbit.

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