Topic: Wildlife Conservation annotated bibliography

The Research Paper

The major assignment for this class is The Research Paper. You’ve been working on gathering sources, brainstorming ideas for your topic, and considering where your topic will go over the last several weeks. Now it’s time to put those ideas down on paper and add your voice to the conversation about your topic by asserting your own argumentative stance and defending it with claims that are backed by evidence and research in hopes to persuade your reader to understand your viewpoint on the topic.

The topic for your research paper is based on your prospectus, which means that it is a topic you have chosen inspired by one of the five primary texts (short stories and essays). The purpose of this paper is to give you a chance to develop your research skills and explore a topic you find interesting, with the intent of adding your ideas to a larger, academic conversation.

To successfully write your research paper, you must include the following:
• An arguable thesis statement that answers your larger research question.
• Claims that support your thesis statement and follow a logical order in your paper.
• Evidence in the form of quotes or paraphrases that back up your claims.
• Reasoning and analysis: Explaining how your evidence backs up your claim and has deeper relevance of the source to your topic.
• A minimum of 6 academic sources from the library research databases. (You may use other sources, but you still need to have 6 academic sources.)
• A clear summary or introduction of each source when first mentioned in your paper.
• Correct use of MLA in-text citations and an MLA Works Cited page.

Paper Requirements:
• 6-8 pages in length (minimum 6 FULL pages of writing)
• Academic voice and tone (No use of “I” or “you”)
• Must include 6-8 secondary, academic sources (6 from the library databases)
• MLA Format: double spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman or Arial
• An argumentative thesis statement and clear organization of your ideas
• Correct MLA citations for all quotes or paraphrases
• MLA Works Cited Page

Please note: This paper is worth 30% of your grade for this course. 30 points of that is dedicated to pre-writing materials and coming to peer review. Some of this pre-writing material will be generated during library workshops and in-class activities. It is crucial to turn in each component of the pre-writing, along with coming to all peer review sessions.