Trump and gun violence reflective essay

Trump and gun violence
The Trump administration appears lukewarm in handling the escalating cases of gun violence that is skyrocketing in America. Today reports from the CDC indicate that one person is killed by a firearm every 17 minutes and on average 100 people lose their lives daily.
If well interpreted these statistics suggest that the federal government is unable to manage gun violence and anyone including you could be the next victim. There is a surge in mass murder occurring everywhere in America. Although a number of people hold the view that guns are for self protection, realistically there seems to be more unnecessary murder associated with it. The alarming rates of deaths beg for a sober approach towards gun control.
President Trump has for long down played the issue of coming up with a lasting solution on gun violence. Recently he abandoned the idea of releasing proposals to combat gun violence after the August mass shooting. This latest twist from the white house coincides with the forthcoming general elections which his advisers view as a litmus test for his reelection bid. Gun legislation could splinter his political coalition.
Trump no longer prioritizes gun violence. This can be confirmed from aides from the domestic policy council who were once working on a plan but have now shelved it. This move coincides with financial cuts on research on gun violence. It is reported that the area is so underfunded by the trump administration yet gun violence can better be managed from a scientific public health approach.
The double standard being taken by president Trump is a cause for alarm and this will continue polarizing the country as Americans keep losing lives while engaging in a fruitless debate from the head of state. One is left to question the President’s commitment on matters national security. His assertion that he was a supporter of more aggressive background checks and red flag laws that allow authorities to temporarily unarm people deemed dangerous are but a mere lip rhetoric.

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