What does an “empire” look like? specifically the british empire

Question: What does an “empire” look like? This sounds like an easy question. In the historical record, empires are big and hard to miss. Yet, today there are many competing definitions as scholars focus on different parts of the empires before them. In this paper, propose and defend your own definition of empire by discussing the strengths and weakness of the current historiography on the key characteristics of empires. in the introduction i need you to introduce the question above as well as state why answering it is important and to propose an argumentative thesis surrounding the topic of “Empires are a socially constructed concept based on hierarchical roles that need the cooperation of those they rule over in order to survive.” so you need to be defining empire as a “modern liberal definition” which is explained in the addition material i have provided in order to prove your definition use examples of it in action such as when king george the fifth changed the british royal family surname from german origin to british origin during the first couple of years of world war one because the monarchy was under threat by the british citizens and were seen as german rather than british so he changed the name to get their cooperation. Use sources to find your examples as well as people who agree with the modern liberal definition. use a minimum of 5 sources and in text cite them at every chance. every reference needs an in text citation of when they are used and every in text citation needs a reference to show it.

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