Which issue is more significant in your local community, air or water pollution? Why?

• – In MLA format, type out the answers to the five (5) questions below.
• – Print out and bring to class on the day of the final exam.
• – For each answer make sure that you clearly explain your reasoning. Since this part is to be worked on at home, please make every effort to review your textbook, Moodle, and your notes to provide thoughtful responses to these questions.
• – Use your judgment on how best to answer these questions, but these are essays.
1. Which issue is more significant in your local community, air or water pollution? Why?
Explain your reasoning.
2. From a sociological point of view, what might be the greatest challenge to reducing inequalities in health care? Explain your reasoning.
3. Which aspects of capitalism do you personally appreciate? Which do you find concerning? Explain your reasoning.
4. Were you brought up to consider political involvement an important civic duty? If so, do you take this seriously by informing yourself of the issues & the importance of voting? Explain your reasoning.
5. Pick a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with worldwide recognition. Found out online how the organization works on behalf of peace. What specifically has this NGO that you picked done to prevent or stop war. Explain your findings
Format: APA 6th edition
Length: 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages
References in the last 5 years

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Subject: environmental issues

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