Why Mergers Fail business essay

Subject: Business
Topic: Unit 2: Why Mergers Fail

Paper details:

Unit 2 Discussion: Why Mergers Fail

Merger and acquisition are two commonly used ways to pursue strategies. A merger occurs when two organizations of about equal size unite to form one enterprise. An acquisition occurs when a large organization purchases (acquires) a smaller firm, or vice versa. When a merger or acquisition is not desired by both parties, it can be called a takeover or hostile takeover. In contrast, if the acquisition is desired by both firms, it is termed a friendly merger. Most mergers are friendly. Provide detailed reasons why mergers fail. Offer examples of recent failures, within the last 12 months, with references. Then, in your response to others and your instructor, pose exploratory questions and/or reflections that add value and depth to the discussion.

Participation Requirements:

Consult the grading rubric for the grading criteria.

Original discussion board posts:
• Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.
• An average of 275-500 words in length with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
• Include supportive evidence, such as direct applicable experience and expert sources

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