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4 positive outcomes of the Oregon clean air act

Positive mandate of Oregon clean air act

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is the regulatory agency mandated with the job of protecting and enhancing the quality of environment in Oregon.

To further support the duty, Air Quality Monitoring section in the laboratory section DEQ the laboratory division responsible for giving accurate scientific data regarding the state of Oregon’s air Quality.

The division ensures that National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) as required by the federal clean air act.DEQ assess pollutants level in different sites by using different measuring equipments throughout the state of Oregon.

As part of particulate speciation and toxic sampling DEQ monitors for Federal Air Act by monitoring nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Total suspended particulate, Ozone, Lead, fine particulate and others. Oregon clean Air act is prohibiting smoking at workplaces. Restaurants, workplaces and bars mare smoke free places.

The Oregon Clean air Act is prohibiting smoking from the areas to ensure they protect the employees and people working in such places. The act prohibits an individual smoking within ten feet from entrance, exit, public places, ventilations, open window and intakes of work places.

Limited exception to the act is to incorporate qualifying cigar bar, smoke shop and a twenty-five percent of motel and hotel rooms.


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