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4 tips of Writing a persuasive email that will make you put the knowledge to test

Writing a persuasive email Abstract

Writing an email can be brain boggling. How do I make reader want to read on? How to I make sure my reader responds positively? How do I ensure my reader feels like an individual and not part of a much larger audience? These are just some of the question a writer of an email has. This article will discuss in detail the tips of writing a persuasive email.


Writing an email can be a much harder task than doing a door to door sale sometimes. Because you need to come up with a language that will suit everyone, an eye catching subject line, amazing content that will explain the message so the reader understands. But more often than not we write an email and when we check the email stats we become depressed because the  reads are significantly few than expected. To write a great email that will be opened and read, the following tips should be followed.

First and for most to make your emails be more anticipated, write in a respectful voice but cut down on the cooperate-like look. Make your emails more personalized and write as though you are writing to one person not a list of people. Use your actual name and the name of the receiver of the email but don’t use their name too often such that it becomes creepy.

Create a catchy subject line with a promise of something good and be sure to deliver on your promise. Richard perloff (13) says that persuasion is not like a child crying for toys and milk; he says persuasion is consciously attempting to change the persuadee’s mind by influencing them. Therefor the subject line should contain sensory words but should not sound too whinny.

Express details of the subject line in a personalized respectful, clear and concise way in the body of the email. Writers shouldn’t only list a group of topics; they should also elaborate on the topics (say what they have in regard to the topic) Karen Caine (40). In the body you have to show proof of the promise made in the subject line.


In this 21st century, people receive hundreds of emails every day and the harsh truth is that no one wants to receive any more than the necessary. Appreciating a subscriber’s of emails goes along way because they have dozens of subscriptions whose mail they should also read daily. If emails don’t receive the expected response try and try again.


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