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Academic Book review example

How to write a Book review for school

 A book review is described as not only a description but also a critical analysis and evaluation of the quality and significance of a book. It should therefore focus on the book’s purpose and its content.

There are standard procedures including the presence of a statement that provides information about the book including its title, author, first copyright date, the type of book it is as well as the price of the book.

The student state the author’s purpose in writing the book.  He must also state the theme and thesis of the book and also explain the manner that the author supported the thesis. This must be done with specific references and quotations from the book.

The student must also explore the issues raised within the book.. It is also important to examine the accurateness of the index, end or footnotes and examine whether they provide additional information.

In conclusion, the student must either analyze or comment on the book’s content and state his general conclusions looking closely at the author’s concluding chapter and whether it is convincing.

The pupil can also present a brief summary of the author’s ideas about the topics within the book, the book’s main points as well as the conclusions.


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