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Academic dishonesty is the first step to corruption argumentative essay


This is any type of cheating with regard to any form of academic exercise. It may take various forms such as: plagiarism, fabrication, deception, cheating, bribery, sabotage, impersonation or professional misconduct.

Academic dishonesty dates back to early years when strict measures were taken against both examiner and examinee who were caught. This however did not stop them from doing so.

Studies show that 20% of students started cheating in the first grade. Cheating also witnessed among teachers shows that 35% of teachers witnessed to their colleagues cheating in one way or another. This is due to consequences of the results on the teacher as well as high-stakes testing.

This study was conducted in North Carolina. Academic dishonesty by cheating is a common example in academic institutions. It make be by looking over somebody’s shoulder to see their work, writing information on a piece of paper and carrying it to the exam room or even hiding notes in the bathroom toilet tank.

Professional misconduct on the other hand is not paying attention to cheating students or over grading and under grading of work. The need to cheat is often met by the desire to look good for both the examiner and the examinee. Most individuals do not think about the consequences of their acts and are often determined to do what it takes to pass in their exams.

The society does not have a place for failures. This may be a major reason for academic dishonesty. By this I mean that all those who do not pass in t hat final test either have to repeat their course or look for some form of work or study but do not get to graduate. This form of pressure accelerates cheating all over the world.

The need to use shortcuts instead of undergoing the grueling process of reading is also a reason. Laziness has been on the rise among both the students and teachers. Why undergo many tedious hours grading papers as a teacher when you can just award a standard grade?

Why read for hours and finally not pass when you can carry your notes with you and eventually pass the test? These questions need to be answered in depth before taking any form of action against dishonest individuals.


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