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Admission sample essay for pharmacy school

UOP Pharmacy school essay

I remember the moment when I was in my eighth grade and we were to work in a group. Our group was comprised of 5 members and the teacher expected us decide on the group leader and the topic. Being a science class we had to peruse some of the medical topics in our texts books and come up with a medical topic that interested us most, gather as much information about the topic and later come to comprehensive conclusion that we really understood the subject. By the fact that it was a group I preferred working alone. I preferred sitting alone during the discussions flip through the pages of my textbook try coming up with the topics. I preferred doing it my way therefore, I never agreed with the group members and the group members became very augmentative. The group never came into a consensus and we rarely made progress.

When we interacted with other groups they had made progress compared to us. When I was working on my own I came across too many attractive medical topics to a point where I could not make any worthy decision on my own. One evening when we were going home I had a chance to interact with our group leader who really condemned me for lack of cooperation with the group members and blamed everything on me. The argumentative nature of our group was because I never had time to listen to their opinion while they listened to mine.

Later in the evening I sat down and gave a though to all what our group leader had said to me and realized it was true. Were it not for my ego the group could be headed in the same direction and made a consensus as to what topic to tackle. I had to change for the benefit of our group. Next meeting I decided to take the chance and apologize. Fair enough, members were ready and willing to listen to me. The leader took the lead and suggested that we outline all our searched option so that we could determine what exactly interested us most and where we disagreed on.

One of the members suggested we focus in the field of pharmacy. To my surprise all my attention was attracted in the section.  The member was very precise while explaining the main goal of pharmaceutical care and out of the discussion and such a simple group work, my abilities and interests made me really enthused about the hopes of chasing a career in pharmacy. We were able to agree finally and the topic we choose was discussed productively. In the end, the group worked together and we pulled of an excellent topic with everybody contribution. The teacher said it was one of the best organized.

I came to learn to associate with every person and it has helped me easily communicate with my bosses and coworkers as well as adapting easily to variety of situations. I can now easily listen and appreciate other people decision and suggestion because from that group discussion I much ignored widened my view and grew the interests in the career of my choice.

  1. Reasons why I would wish to attend the University of the Pacific

First of all, let me start by saying I love University of the Pacific. The university is absolutely gorgeous and the professors, advisors and deans are the best. They always do their best to help the students. The campus has small classes making it easier for students get appointments with the professors. Unlike most of the campuses, pharmacy has its own serene environment away from other schools with a 24hr library which is much important during exam time. Although the price is high, there are plenty of scholarships, grant, and other financial aid options that help student cover most of their cost thus I could not imagine going to another school for pharmacy. The campus has a lot of events for students and this is great benefit. Classrooms are nicely and well equipped giving students the best opportunity to learn. No extenuating circumstance.


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