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American cancer society research essay

The American cancer society is a nation- wide community based voluntary health organization whose aims are to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing it, saving live and reducing suffering from the disease by researching, educating and advocacy and services. This essay will look at cancer and how the American society is involved in reducing cancer incidences and serving those who suffer from it and those who whose relatives suffer.


If a friend got diagnosed with cancer I would recommend several great services offered by ACS:

  • Mileage reimbursement and road to recovery. I would recommend this because the treatment of cancer can be very expensive for anyone regardless of their financial status. These services provide transportation of ill patient to and from the treatment center.
  • Wigs and look good.. feel better services would be great for a female friend who is experiencing hair lose and other cosmetic effects caused by the treatment of cancer. These services also provide them with education on what to do so that even through the treatment and the side effects they can still look good, improve their looks and self esteem as well.
  • I can cope is another service I would recommend for us, the friend and the family members of the patient. It will help us deal with the diagnosis and the possibilities of treatment or loss. It b will also teach us how to treat the patient so that they feel supported and not alienated or like people who are just about to die (American cancer society, 2013).


There are many factors that may contribute to the yearly increase in diagnosis of cancer cases and mortality rates. These factors include:

  • Discouragement: a person may know someone who had cancer and died and therefore even after diagnosis they may refuse treatment because they think they will die anyway.
  • Late diagnosis: some people find out they have cancer when it is in the late stages and therefore treatment is not very helpful.
  • Imitation of the illness; in some cases the illness may imitate a  disease and therefore a patient may be treated for the symptoms and never actually tested for cancer
  • Bad habits: it is known that smoking increases the chances of a person having cancer and other related diseases and yet  many people still continue to smoke and thus get the illness.

A policy that will look at increasing he prices of cigarettes and other cancer causing diseases will be helpful in reducing lung cancer and throat cancers. Making treatment of cancer cheaper and radiology machines readily available will increase the likelihood of a person getting treatment early or preventing them from stopping the treatment because of lack of money  (American cancer society, 2013).


The breast cancer research program is aimed at looking at the causes of breast cancer and how it can be treated. It is the highest researched and funded research by the society. It affects a lot of people and kills a lot of women not only in America but the entire world as well. Therefore, this research is aimed at helping treat and prevent the cancer among women and men (American cancer society, 2015).


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