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Analyze one work of liturature (poem, short story) to support your argument

Analyze one work of liturature (poem, short story) to support your argument

Essay Description

Works of Literature (Choose at least ONE):

Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings, Joy Harjo

“Raven Stole the Moon”

“The Powwow at the End of the World,” Sherman Alexie

“Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild,” Fish

“Artist’s Statement,” Walker


Other Resources :

Video: “The Battle at Standing Rock”

“‘Respect the Feathers’: Who Tells Standing Rock’s Story?” John Anderson

“An Excerpt from Blacks and the Master/Slave Relation,” Wilderson



Over the past few weeks, we have read poems by Joy Harjo and visited the Kupferberg Holocaust Center to tour an exhibit by Native American artists. We also watched a video about the protests at the Standing Rock reservation and read an article that questions who has the right to tell a people’s story.

Along with reading these works with an eye toward interpretation of theme, symbols, and literary language, we also examined their cultural and historical contexts. For this assignment, choose at least TWO resources from the above list of works of literature and “other resources” to answer the following question:

To what extent does literature make an argument?

For this assignment, I DO NOT WANT YOU TO USE INTERNET SOURCES, such as Sparknotes, owlcation, or Schmoop, but if you do, YOU MUST CITE THOSE SOURCES using appropriate citations. Of course, I’m expecting your analysis not some faceless internet person, and I will take that into consideration when assessing your paper.


You must analyze at least ONE work of literature (poem, short story) to support your argument
You must have a clearly articulated central claim.
Support your claim with details from the assigned readings.
Minimum 4-6 pages in length.
Cite all sources using MLA format in-text citations.
Include a Works Cited page.
MLA format.


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