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Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and ischemic heart disease (CHD)

Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and ischemic heart disease (CHD)

Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is a brace or an orthosis that supports the ankle and a part of the foot. The braces are L-shaped and they are externally used to support the foot and the leg. Mainly, AFOs are made up of plastics, metal, leather, fabrics or any other combination.

Types of AFO’s

Static AFOs- the type is quite flexible and rigid. It’s L-shaped and runs extends from the upper part to the underfoot. It’s used when a paralyzed or weakened leg requires support in a set position. Can  be used to control abduction and adduction.

Dynamic AFO’s

It allows optimal function and can facilitated movement. Used to treat adult acquired flat foot

Ischemia heart disease

The condition occurs to the heart when it doesn’t receive sufficient blood. It manifests itself as a recurring discomfort and chest pain. Most cases are caused by arthrosclerosis. The condition is regarded as a lifestyle disease with people who smoke, have high cholesterol and diabetic patients at a higher risk.


  • Coronary angiography
  • MRI scan
  • CT scan

The disease is incurable though through proper management it helps reduce other associated problems like heart attack


  • Stop smoking
  • Regular exercises
  • Healthy eating


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