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Antietam battle analysis paper

What caused the battle of Antietam 

This battle was the first to be fought in the American Civil War on union soil. It was also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg and was fought on September 17, 1862 near Maryland. It was a single-day battle and the number of dead, wounded and missing individuals was at 22,717.

The battle opened at dawn on the 17th. Men beat each other with rifle butts and stabbed each other with bayonets. Officers rode around in their horses hoping to restore order but their orders could not be heard over the chaos. The air was filled with a hail of bullets and shells from bullets.

The Cornfield, an area of about 250 yards deep and 400 yards wide was a scene of indescribable destruction.  Every stalk of corn in the field was cut so closely as if done with a knife and the men slain in rows just as they had stood I their ranks just a few moments before.

Both armies contained new recruits who had not experienced war before. The morning phase ended with casualties on both sides of almost 13,000. The war however continued later on at noon and around the afternoon. Recruitments were arriving at both sides to ensure progression of the war.

The battle was fought at Antietam creek and was therefore named the Antietam battle. It was fought between the Union and Confederate. The Union side was led by Major General George B. McClellan and the Confederate by General Robert E. Lee.

Although the battle was not a clear victory for either side, the forces of the Union had much to be proud about. They had fought well and had restored their pride.


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