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Applying Analytic Techniques to Business

The coca cola company is an international company that manufactures, markets and sells nonalcoholic beverages. The international company is famed for its coca cola merchandise. Coca cola was invented in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton but both the brand and product was purchased by Asa Candler (Renz, 2016).

Asa went on to create the coca cola company in 1982. The multinational company produces more than 500 different beverage brands worldwide. The company has various branches distributed across 200 countries internationally (Renz, 2016).

The company has been operating a licensed distribution system where the company manufactures a concentrate that is then provided to bottlers worldwide (Renz, 2016). The company’s primary bottler, coca cola refreshments, is located in Atlanta Georgia.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is also a part of the Russell 1000 growth stock, the Russell 100 index and S&P 500 index (Renz, 2016).

The company has set out a 2020 vision that provide the business with a roadmap and a long term destination for both the company and its bottlers across the world. This mission guides the company in whichever actions and decisions they make. The company’s mission is to provide people with refreshment, create happiness and to positively impact people’s lives.

The company’s primary objective is to become the best company at beverage manufacture and retail internationally as well as be the best in terms of customer service in the beverage production industry worldwide (Renz, 2016).


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