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Architecture at International Exhibitions in Paris 1878

Architecture can be defined as the art of designing buildings and other structures using scientific principles. The exposition of architecture refers to showcasing some of the designs of the elegant building. The exposition was located in two places in Paris on either side of the river Seine.

The paper would mainly focus on whatever went on the southern sides of Seine and relate to what was at stake. It happened in the palace of the Champ de Mars. Therefore mainly, the paper looks at what was at stake. Consequently, the research paper will examine the processes went into the idea of having to the exhibition in the first place and the overall up to the event of the inauguration.

Furthermore, the paper examines the different architectural designs brought by other foreign countries, and the believed wide held notion about them. Especially the paper will look at the proposal of France with its choice of fa├žade.

The reasons behind such decisions some of the countries made.

The meaning and the symbol of such buildings.

Who were the people behind them?

The national identity connection of the facades.


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