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Argumentative essay on banning pets

Pet ban in United Arab Emirates

Dog owners in the United Arab Emirates are facing difficulties in accepting the pet ban as well as restrictions based on pet ownership. Pet owners especially those living in apartments are not allowed to keep pets but in some cases, there is no mention of this in the tenancy contract.

Before moving into a property, potential tenants must get written permission from the landlord and building manager that pets can be kept in the house.

Sign boards saying “no pets allowed” can be seen at regular intervals along the walk and many other areas in Dubai. Dog owners in Jumeirah Beach Residence and other new developments are crying foul over a ban that prevents from keeping pets at home or walking them in the neighborhood.

An example is in Diamond Tower where 128 tenants were required to remove pets or face eviction. Pet owners decide to leave buildings due to building managers giving short notice to evict pets.

Those affected argue that the import of dogs should not be allowed to be imported into the country if they are not allowed to keep pets. The ban is considered harsh and unreasonable. The municipality should take into consideration proposals for hefty fines in place owners who don’t pick up after their dogs.

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Directorate said the new rules were aimed at maintaining health and safety of the community from diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

This in itself is not reason enough since there are routine vaccinations to prevent dogs from getting diseases. Strict inspection is done to make sure that pet owners abide by the rules.

Pets are a part of family. They are like that child treasured by their parents. They offer wonderful company and friendship. Maybe it is time the government considered lifting the pet ban.


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