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Argumentative essay on bullying in schools and workplace


Bullying is violence, physical or emotional caused by a person or group and is directed to a weaker party who has no way to defend himself/herself or even themselves. Bullying takes various forms and is done with an aim to threaten, harm or scare the victim.

Bullying not only occurs among students in academic institutions but also among the professors or teachers themselves. Bullies are those who feel a need to be superior not only in ranks in the offices or schools but also socially. Bullies all over are highly feared making the victims often uncomfortable which in all possible ways could lead to issues of low self-esteem and depression.

In some cases children have taken to home schooling to avoid being bullied in schools. The victims also choose not to report these cases to the administration either for lack of evidence or fear that they will be harmed as a result.

Bullying in the workplace is witnessed when the bully gets a colleague to do work for him/her or other unnecessary activities such as to fetch the person’s lunch which is definitely not in one’s job description.

Teasing and name calling which cause embarrassment are also forms of bullying. The bully’s aim is to cause the victim to retract choosing not to offer any form of revenge. Perpetrators of this act may be of a certain rank in the institution or position therefore taking advantage of those below him.

Experts have reported that those who bully may actually suffer from insecurities or may also be victims of bullying elsewhere. They may also suffer from esteem issues and therefore picking on others makes them feel ‘in control’ or better about themselves.

It is quite evident that there is no positive effect of bullying. Policies should be implemented to ensure perpetrators are brought to book and the act fully stopped.


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