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Australian Foreign Policy and its significance in the country development

Australian Foreign Policy and its significance in the country development

One of the major departments in the Australian Public Service is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFTA). An important department always in custody of a senior affiliate of the government, DFAT’s affiliation with its prime minister and the Minister is fundamental to a perceptive of how foreign policy is created and developed.

Australia’s foreign policy comprises a number of different inter-related rules in the areas of foreign aid, international commitments, trade, defence and security. Trade has constantly been at the front position of Australian’s foreign policy, but on no account more so than in this age of globalization. Australia is a participant to a great number of global treaties and accords, several under the auspices of the UN.

Australia’s trade and foreign policy is aimed on promoting long-term prosperity and security. It looks forward to safeguard and advance Australia’s nationwide interests in a swiftly shifting environment, while sustaining a stable global sanity. An obligation to multilateralism, specifically the United Nations, is a fundamental principle of Australian foreign policy.

Australia has been centrally engaged in global attempts to build security and peace for decades, just as it has supported global investment and trade liberalization


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