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Australian industrial relations laws covering employment issues such as the minimum wage,

Australian industrial relations

Industrial relations refer to the management of work-related obligations and entitlements between employers and their employees. In Australia industrial relations laws cover employment issues such as the minimum wage, employment standards and pay equity. The laws also cover the working hours and leave entitlements as well as protection of employees from discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Under their laws employees are granted freedom of association which allows them whether to join unions or not. The laws also stipulate the employee rights regarding industrial actions such as strikes and go-slows.

The state has the Fair Work Commission, which is the national workplace relations tribunal. This tribunal has the power to help in the resolution of conflicts involving employees, employers, unions and employer associations who are covered by the national workplace relations system. Te tribunal therefore has the power to oversee issues of minimum wages, awards and agreements, industrial action and dispute resolution.

The fair work ombudsman on the other hand contains the fair work fact sheet which has a set of minimum rights and responsibilities of the employers.

National employment standards which is stipulated in the fair work Act which legislates the National Employment Standards (NES) which lists the minimum standards of employment which includes minimum entitlements to leave, notice of termination and redundancy pay. As part of the NES new employees are supposed to be provided with a fair work information statement.

Pay rates and pay equity comes to play when requiring that employees receive equal pay for equal work done. This is also legislated by the Fair work act.

The Australian industrial relations commission which was succeeded by Fair work Australia in January 2010 and been in existence since 1904-2006 and was assigned with the task of certifying enterprise bargaining agreements where the agreements were collective contracts from negotiations between a union and an employer among the rest of roles played the Fair work Australia.


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