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Australian police culture essay


In Australia, there are two levels of the Police Force. They are however similar. These are; the various state police forces and the Australian Federal Police. The state police forces are in charge of law enforcement within their own states while the federal police are responsible for carrying out investigations of crimes against Commonwealth law which occurs throughout the nation.

Law enforcement in the country is done by police, sheriffs and bailiffs under the control of the state, territory and the Federal government. Police are responsible for handling criminal law; sheriff, sheriff’s officers and bailiffs in each state enforce judgments of the courts and exercise civil law jurisdictions.

In Australia, there are Crime Stoppers programs run in each state and nationally. These collect information and forward it to the police to ensure that the community participates in crime fighting. Each state is responsible for handling its own security.

Policing at the state level involves; traffic policing, anti-terrorist activities as well as search and rescue. Local governments have by-laws relating to issues such as parking, dog ownership, littering or water usage. These officers are not regarded as police officers as they can only issue fines and do not have the right or power to arrest individuals.

Most police cars are predominantly white, with some having blue stripes and others orange stripes. Some police forces are embracing the use of unmarked cars and they range from Toyotas to the Hummer 3.

The presence of the police is highly felt in Australia and there is a very good relationship between the force and the citizens making it an easy task to protect the country’s inhabitants.


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