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Battle of ANKARA with map essay

Who won Battle of Ankara and map location essay

The battle of Ankara also known as Battle of Angora was fought on 20th July 1402 and was between the forces of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and Timur. The battle was a major victory for Timur and it led to a period of crisis for the Ottoman Empire.

The Timurid Empire however started declining after the death of Timur just three years after the battle. The Ottoman Empire made a comeback after this and continued to increase in power for another two to three centuries.

The exact size of the conflicting armies is not well known but Timur’s army of horsemen did not have infantry. This enabled him to move faster through the Ottoman Empire. The Empire’s defense was destroyed bit by bit. Timur’s army was larger than that of Bayezid.

Who won Battle of Ankara and map location essay help

From the map, the main battle began with a large-scale attack from the Ottoman’s countered by arrows from the Timurid horse archers. Many were killed and they finally surrendered to Timur. Europeans saw Timur as a blessing as he helped fight the stability of the empire.

However after he had penetrated the Ottoman Empire, the Europeans started fearing that they would be next in line. The Italians therefore started helping the Ottoman soldiers which made Timur furious.

The Ottoman civil war continued 11 solid years after the Battle of Ankara. This generally means that invasion by Timur’s army derailed the Ottoman Empire.


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