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Beautyism in the workplace descriptive essay


Beautyism in the workplace at best is a silent form of discrimination. Employers tend to get away with this every single day. Just because an individual is beautiful does not necessarily mean that they have the whole package of brains and intellect. Neither does it validate that they are a better selection than the next.

Beautiful people in the workplace tend to get more attention as well as special treatment from the seniors for various reasons. The hardworking employees that may not fall into this category are not lucky since they have to tolerate this form of discrimination or quit.

Sometimes it is not just one person that is hired because of their beauty.   It may be a whole lot of people. Beautyism does not discriminate gender wise and is common in both men and women.

It is an assumption that physical supersedes knowledge, value or anything personable. When making decisions about whether or not to hire prospective job applicants, interviewers are influenced by an applicant’s attractiveness.

Evidence clearly shows that being good looking positively impacts the hiring decisions of employers. This is known as the “what is beautiful is good” stereotype. Even though this is certainly not fair, it is indeed true and common in the society.

Research also shows that experienced managers rarely fall prey to this Beautyism/attractiveness bias compared to managers who are not as experienced.

This bias should be scraped from today’s workplaces. It lowers one’s self esteem and leads to lower production as a result of hiring less qualified individuals due to their looks.


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