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Book report

How to write a Book report college level

A book report is often more descriptive with a combination of both summary and commentary offering an opportunity for a student to think more critically about a book that he has read and to comprehensively demonstrate their understanding.

Even though teachers might provide their own requirements as well as a specific format that they need students to follow, there are certain general elements of a book report which include an introduction which provides basic information about the book.

In this part one should include the title of the book, publication information such as the publisher, year and number of pages. It also includes the genre of the book and about one to two sentences that seek to introduce both the book and the report to the reader.

The body of the book report often has two sections with the first part offering an explanation the book and the second offering the student’s opinions about the book. For fiction the student needs to provide descriptions of the setting, who tells the story and the major characters.

It is also critical to give a detailed plot summary, the book’s climax as well as literary devices employed in the book. For non-fiction, the student needs to provide a general description of the author’s topic, main points as well as an argument choosing the chapters that are interesting.

For the conclusion, the student should pull his thoughts together and describe the impression that the book left on him.


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