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BP oil spill tourism impact


The Gulf Coast is now a hot destination again after two years of having to deal with the effects of the massive BP oil spill that had made the region a tourist dead zone, with the petroleum giant pumping more than $150 million into promotions to help the region recover.

The perception that New Orleans had been laden with oil had to be scraped off of people’s minds and this took a lot of time and money to do. Indeed a lot of funds were put into the tourism sector for promotion purposes.

The BP Company has since the accident sent funds to the affected regions for example Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi to aid tourism that amounts to about $150 million. This is not the end of it since the company was also expected to shell out close to $30 million more by the end of 2013.

Businesses that rely on tourists in the region are however not lucky enough since they are still struggling. Even though many tourists may love the Gulf coast, the memories may still play a big part in preventing them from coming back to the region.

The rising gasoline prices and a still-shaky national economy could also be factors that are stalling and hindering return of the tourism boom in the region.


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