Brain Workouts – What Helps Cognitive Fitness?

Case Study 4: Brain Workouts – What Helps Cognitive Fitness?


1. What is brain plasticity?

2. What is the term that refers to the formation of new neurons?

3. What term refers to the genetically programmed death of neurons in the brain? Is this genetically programmedneuronal death only found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease?

4. Explain what dendritic spines, sprouting, branching, and arborization are and how these concepts relate to synapses. Then, draw a picture that you could share with Anthony and Darrell that demonstrates these conceptsand that will help them understand. Be sure to label the neurons’ other relevant structures, as well.

5. Anthony is correct that there are chemicals in the brain that help neurons survive, help promote neural growth,and are involved in neurogenesis. What are these chemicals called? Which neurotrophin is important during exercise to improve synaptic plasticity? Describe how this neurotrophin acts on nerve cells and alters synaptic plasticity.

6. Darrell’s father used the phrase, “use it or lose it.” What neuronal activities are related to this idea?

7. Darrell’s dad insists that there are scientific research findings supporting his claim that playing brain games helpsone’s brain and keeps memory from declining, whereas Anthony’s dad insists that there are scientific researchresults supporting his claim that physical exercise helps one’s brain and slows memory decline. Based on whatyou’ve learned about synapses and about the chemicals that promote neural survival and growth, is one of thedads correct? Is neither correct? Are both correct? Give evidence to support your answer.

8. Which of these two “brain workouts” do you believe would be the most beneficial for you as you experienceadulthood and aging? Why? Which of these brain workouts do you believe would be the most beneficial for youin terms of learning material in your current classes? Why?

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