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British language, culture and traditions essay


In Britain, there is no one constitutionally defined official language. English is the main language – spoken by more than 70% of U.K population, and thus the de facto official language.

Other languages include, Welsh, Irish, Ulster, Scots, Cornish, Gaelic and British Sign Language. Immigrants have brought other languages from across the globe.

British – denotes someone who is from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. English refers to people from England.

Britain is a homogenous society since World War II but has now accommodated immigrants from its colonies such as, India, Pakistan and West Indies. The mixture of ethnic groups and culture make it difficult to define a British culture.

The British are said to be lacking in emotions. This is because they are generally not very openly demonstrative, unless you them well. They are very reserved and private people.

The British are sticklers for adherence to protocol. Handshake is the common form of greeting. They have ‘class’ issues which they take seriously. They share gifts among family and friends and when invited to a home, you are expected to bring a box of good chocolates, a good bottle of wine of flowers. Gifts are opened when received.

The British enjoy entertaining people in their homes. Punctuality is of value. Table manners are Continental i.e the fork is held in the left and the knife in the right while eating. If invited to a meal in a restaurant, the one extending the invitation usually pays.

British literature, music, cinema, art, theatre, media, television, philosophy and architecture are influential and respected across the world. The U.K is also prominent in science and technology.

Sports are an important part of British culture, numerous sports originated in the country, including football. The U.K has been described as a “cultural superpower” and London has been described as a world cultural capital.


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