Topic: Assessment 2 – Business plan development


Performance objective
In this assessment you are to demonstrate the skills and ability required to analyse and interpret business vision, mission, values and objectives of a business plan and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment description

Business Plan

1. Use your own company or Read the Case study

2. Prepare a business plan layout against the criteria for effective business plans, as described in your workbook or other reference materials.

3. (you can access for more information)

4. Start working on the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan.

Deliverable specifications
● Submit a draft of your business plan including analysing the strengths and weaknesses related to the case study.

Quality specifications
● Each report should be properly formatted and logically structured.
● Identify relevant strengths and weaknesses of the plan, including discussion on the following areas:
○ Compare and contrast with textbook structure and layout.
○ Comment on quality and relevance of information.
○ Comment on the quality of information, i.e. did the business plan demonstrate adequate research on competition market conditions?
○ Comment on quantity of information – was there sufficient information to determine the likely success of the business in accordance with its performance measures?
○ Were the performance measures specific and realistic?
○ Was the document well set out, easily understood and pitched at an appropriate level for the reader?

Quality specifications

● The business plan must include the following:
○ Table of contents
○ Executive summary include vision, mission and values
○ Introduction
○ Description of the business (background)
○ Business products and services
○ Marketing activity – the market
○ Business operations:
– productivity and performance targets for key result areas (in consultation with key stakeholders)
– include financial and non-financial performance measures
– detail resource requirements, including human resources, capital equipment and other resources required to achieve business goals
○ Management and organisational structure
○ Proposal
○ Financial background
– trading to date
– forecasts
○ Risks (risk analysis)
– include a section on how you will ensure skilled labour is available to implement the plan, such as a recruitment or training strategy
o Licensing
– include any permits or licences required
○ Conclusion

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