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Case Conceptualization in Trauma Counseling


The goals of this project are to have students review a fictitious trauma client and create a case conceptualization and counseling plan that takes into consideration assessment (initial and across treatment), stabilization, and treatment interventions.
Students are to prepare an 8-page (2000 words, +/- 150 words in Times New Roman 12 point font) paper that outlines a case conceptualization on a fictitious character from a movie, book or TV show that will be their client. The paper will outline their observations, case conceptualization, and recommended treatment approach for that client. Students will also look at self-care strategies they would implement for themselves while working with this client.
Materials Required
Your analysis will focus on the main character of a movie of your choice that identifies a client who suffers from trauma. Students can feel free to choose any film with a character who is displaying symptoms of PTSD.
Prepare a formal paper that outlines your case conceptualization on the movie character you selected as if they were coming to you as a client suffering from trauma. The paper will comprise of three sections: a full case conceptualization, treatment approach recommendations, and counselor discussion of countertransference. The 8-page limit for the paper (2000 words, +/- 150 words in Times New Roman 12 point font) does not include the required title page or references section. You must use peer reviewed journal articles in addition to the textbook.
The case conceptualization section of the paper will include:
Introduction of the client, with observations of behaviour;
A full assessment of the client (including assessment strategies you would use to assist you – psychometric tests, etc.); and
Final overview of your case conceptualization and perceived presenting issue for the client.
The treatment approach section will include:
Outline of your selected treatment approach;
Rationale for selection of treatment approach; and
A treatment plan that includes resourcing, stabilization, pacing, containment, and affect/arousal management, exposure and resolution of traumatic memories within your treatment plan.
Challenges and Countertransference Section will include:
Identifies ways to overcome challenges and countertransference
Identification of challenges and potential countertransference
You are required to pair up with another student and, using a rough draft of your paper, conduct a case consultation and review of your conceptualization paper.
Sign up in Wiki by the beginning of Week 3, and determine the best approach for case consultation. You can use Online Meetings, asynchronous chat, or phone/Skype, whatever works best for both students to collaborate on each other’s conceptualization paper.
During Week 4, complete the case consultation with your partner in time to incorporate their feedback into your final submission.
Include a reflection of your case consultation (i.e., what was helpful, what was challenging, what insights it brought, and how you think the consultation informed your final paper) as an Appendix to your paper.
Prepare this paper in APA format; support your approach and conceptualization with references from peer-reviewed journals.

Criteria of grades:

1. Case Conceptualization (25%)
a. Client description/observations/10
b. Assessment of client/10
c. Overview and research support/5
2. Treatment Approach (35%)
a. Treatment approach/5
b. Support and rationale for treatment approach/5
c. Treatment plan/25
3. Challenges and Countertransference (20%)
a. Identifies challenges and countertransference/10
b.Identifies ways to overcome challenges and countertransference/10
5. Writing Style (10%)
a. Clarity, accuracy, consistency/5
b. APA style/5

Also, the two textbooks (ebooks) are essential sources, and I will provide them to the writer, the source of them


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